Local New York Milk

From New York City’s Only Dairy

Elmhurst Dairy has been an important part of the local economy since 1919. We are a family-owned company employing over 240 people at our plant in Jamaica, Queens. Every day, we transport fresh, local milk from upstate New York family dairy farms to the plant for bottling.


Learn more about us and support your local dairy!

  • Why Buy Local?

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    Elmhurst Dairy receives milk from upstate New York dairy farms every day, packages it, and distributes it to retail and commercial customers within 48 hours. That’s fresh! Find out more reasons why buying local is of benefit to you, our community, and the local economy.

  • Meet the Farmers

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    Buying milk from Elmhurst Dairy supports many local family dairy farms and cooperatives upstate, while reducing the environmental impact of shipping milk from outside the region. Meet a selection of our farmers and learn more about the families that supply our milk!

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