Why Buy Local?

  • Elmhurst Dairy is a family-owned business that directly employs over 240 people in the local community, providing jobs that pay livable wages to friends and neighbors.

  • Research has proven that when consumers buy local, significantly more of their money recirculates to other local businesses which strengthens the economic and tax base of the community.

  • Local, family-owned businesses are more likely to give back to the local charities, non-profits, and educational institutions that work for the surrounding community.

  • Elmhurst Dairy receives milk from upstate New York dairy farms every day, packages it, and distributes it to retail and commercial customers within 48 hours, making it the freshest milk widely available in NYC.

  • Buying milk from Elmhurst Dairy supports the local family dairy farms and cooperatives upstate that supply it, while reducing the environmental impact of shipping milk from outside the region.

  • Elmhurst Dairy distributes milk to 8,300 small neighborhood corner stores that don’t have easy access to fresh dairy products, something many bigger companies simply won’t do. 

  • Elmhurst Dairy supplies milk to 1,400 NYC public schools ensuring children have a healthy lunch time drink option.

  • Elmhurst Dairy has been bottling milk in Queens for nearly 100 years and remains committed to staying right here in our community.