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Elmhurst Dairy provides NYC stores in all five boroughs and the surrounding tri-state area with competitively priced, quality product, and outstanding service. We are an independent, family-owned business operating in Queens since 1919 and are NYC’s only remaining milk processing and packaging facility.

Because our plant is right here in Jamaica, Queens, we can offer you some of the freshest milk available in metro New York City. In most instances, our milk comes from the farm to your store within 48 hours. Our in-house routing department provides the added benefit of ensuring quick delivery and immediate resolution of any problems or difficulties that may arise.

Elmhurst Dairy also generates its own power at the plant which allows us to continue producing milk during blackouts and storms, guaranteeing your ability to provide your customers with fresh milk when they need it most. We hold the highest Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification, complying with all international and domestic safety regulations and the highest possible standards.

Furthermore, Elmhurst Dairy is proud to employ 240 of your fellow New Yorkers at the plant and creates jobs for an additional 400 people via on-site distributors. When you source milk from Elmhurst Dairy, you are supporting a locally owned company that is committed to supporting other local businesses and giving back to our community.

Together we can help our local economy thrive.

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