Following in the footsteps of their dairy farmer grandparents, Max and Arthur Schwartz founded Elmhurst Dairy in 1919 to bottle and deliver milk throughout their Queens neighborhood.

Elmhurst Dairy, milk, truck, local, buy local, Queens, New York, NYC, vintage, divcoOver the years, the Schwartz family continued the legacy by bringing generations of New Yorkers the freshest milk in the city from local New York farms. Now, we supply milk to over 8,300 independent grocers and 1,400 public schools, and our family-owned company remains committed to staying right here in the community.

We provide hundreds of jobs to local residents, give our school kids a nutritious lunch time drink option, and go out of our way to distribute products to your neighborhood corner store, something many bigger companies simply won’t do. That means when you support the city’s only local dairy, your dollars go back to the people and places you care about most.

And choosing Elmhurst Dairy helps also preserve the family-owned farms that supply our fresh milk. Every day, we transport milk direct from upstate dairy farms to our plant in Queens where our skilled workers pasteurize, package, and deliver it your grocer within 48 hours. Together, we’re reducing the environmental impact of shipping milk from outside the region and investing in a more sustainable future for our city.

When you choose milk from Elmhurst Dairy, you’re getting a great product from New York City’s only remaining dairy – and you’re supporting a family-owned business and local family-owned dairy farms.

Buy local. Look for Elmhurst Dairy milk at your grocery store!